The Worthing Society has a dedicated Heritage Sub-Committee to safeguard our listed buildings and conservation areas. The Team monitors and makes representation to the Planning Department regarding any planning applications which may adversely affect our heritage buildings or conservation areas. There are over 300 listed buildings and 26 conservation areas in Worthing.

Designation as a Statutorily Listed Building gives a high level of legal protection. Conservation Area status also gives protection in the planning system. Our heritage assets give the historic backdrop to the town, creating a sense of pride and place. The Heritage Team are always on the ‘lookout’ for buildings which may satisfy the statutory criteria. We have recently submitted an application for marine Gardens and Environs to become a new conservation area. An application has also been made to extend the Steyne Gardens CA to protect Denton Gardens, Beach House Grounds and Beach House Park from further commercialisation. We are keen to protect the areas recorded in the ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Historic Interest; which are registered as being important to Worthing’s green infrastructure.

There are over 750 buildings included on Worthing’s Local Interest List. These are buildings which may not satisfy the criteria foe statutory designation but which are uniquely important to Worthing and our social history. We do our utmost to ensure they are also protected in the planning process.

Susan Belton
Worthing Society Chair.