The Worthing Society, originally the Worthing Civic Society (founded 1973), was formed in 1982. Its main aims are to conserve and preserve the architectural amenities of Worthing and the surrounding area, and to stimulate interest and research into the town’s history.

It is concerned principally with conservation and preservation but also operates within broader terms to enhance the present conditions of the town and surrounding area, the character and life of which it is anxious to safeguard, and to act as a watch-dog for future developments. Many buildings of historical and architectural value to the town have been demolished over the years up to the foundation of the Worthing Civic Society.

The Society regards it as vitally important to preserve buildings of historical significance, particularly the fine remaining examples of Regency, Victorian & later architecture.

If you would like to consider joining us you can read more about us by visiting our ‘Membership‘ page.