Montague Place is a PLACE not a street.

Developers want to build on Montague Place, but their plans will change our open Space into a street. Worthing needs a space that will put it on the map locally, nationally and internationally. A vertical garden on Woolworth’s Wall would give us a town centre to be proud of.

Developers have wanted to build on Montague Place for more than 25 years. The applications have been turned down repeatedly. In 2012 another application was submitted. The deadline to provide all requested information was at the end of 2013. Although the deadline was missed, the case has not been dismissed. Even stranger is that they do not own the land but a portion of the subsoil. It is highly likely that one of the major hurdles for approval will be removed when WSCC confirm that they have withdrawn its highway objection to the proposal, which effectively allows the removal the right of way held on our behalf, the Public. We need to fight for our right of way, also called prescriptive easement.

Read more about our campaign here: WS_Save_Our_Space_at_Montague_Place.