Library Place is a small cul-de-sac on the east side of the Dome discharging into Marine Parade. It is mainly used at the present time by Stagecoach buses but it has a long history and is in fact part of one of the oldest twittens in Worthing. It has been a public thoroughfare for at least two hundred years. The twitten (a passageway today) extends from the north end of Library Place to Warwick Street.

We were told that there was a letter dated 4th September 2009 in the Worthing Library from a government department stating that the Secretary of State was proposing to make an Order to STOP UP Library Place and the twitten.

After investigation it was decided to oppose this topping Up Order because the Worthing Society was of the opinion that this was quite unacceptable in view of the antiquity of this public thoroughfare, that it is in a Conservation Area and that the land occupied by this street and twitten would in effect become part of the Stagecoach property thus excluding the public from using it. It was then learnt that the Worthing Borough Council had approved iron gates that would close off Library Place and at the northern end of the twitten.

We are informed by the Director of Planning that this approval could be made before the Stopping Up Order was made. In our view this is quite unacceptable. The gates were erected in 2010.

The Worthing Society is now looking for free legal advice as to the legality of closing this public thoroughfare.
Do we have a member who can help? If so please get in touch with Ted Kennard on 07792 476 364