The Worthing Society Heritage Sub-Committee was formed to expressly monitor planning applications affecting our listed buildings and conservation areas. Worthing has a large ‘heritage map’ in that there are 26 conservation areas and over 300 listed buildings. In addition there are 750 buildings on the Local Interest List. These are buildings important to the unique character od Worthing but which may not qualify for statutory listing. The Council also has a ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest.’ Protecting our green infrastructure will become of increasing importance to protect this legacy for future generations.

The Heritage Team have built up a level of planning expertise and regularly review over 30 applications per week. On average we take action on at least one application per week to protect our heritage buildings and conservation areas. We also maintain a ‘Worthing Society Heritage at Risk Register’ to monitor buildings which are falling into disrepair and make the necessary referrals hopefully at an early stage. This is not a public register and the intention is to focus our efforts where they are most needed. In addition the Heritage Team also meets regularly with the Conservation Officer to discuss the broader issues affecting the built environment. We have also built up a good liaison with Historic England. The Team is really the ‘engine room’ of the Society working continually to maintain our core values in safeguarding Worthing’s heritage.

Susan Belton
Worthing Society Chairman