Worthing Journal – May article

The Worthing Society Committee and members have told me that they feel it is important for the Council to establish a Tourist Office. Worthing has a great deal to offer both visitors and residents. We have a vibrant artistic scene plus a successful group of Theatres: The Connaught Theatre, Pavilion Theatre on the promenade, the Assembly Hall and Dome Cinema.

These venues present interesting shows , concerts and performances by local community groups . The various Heritage Trails could be displayed encouraging interest in the town’s history. This could support our coffee shop and restaurant businesses as people explore the trails. The Brooklands Area has now been upgraded and could be a point of destination. Worthing is fortunate being close to the South Downs National Park with the wonderfully restored Highdown Gardens and Highdown Hotel .

Worthing and its environs have a great deal to offer. Although some information is Online not all residents have access. We believe there is no substitute for a recognised Tourist Office with ‘face to face’ contact promoting interest in the local visitor economy. A ‘Pop Up’ seasonal tourist office would be welcome for the summer. We will explore this option with the Council!

Sue Belton Worthing Society Chair


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