Building of the Month – The Devonshire Dairy

The Devonshire Dairy

In Grafton Rd there stands a large house, distinctively aligned which was known for many years as the Devonshire dairy.

The house was built in 1836 according to a sign above the front porch, and it first appears as a dairy in local records six years later.

The original owner Mr Piper sold the premises to Mr Harbord.

Surprisingly research has revealed that the dairy does not appear on the town centre map drawn up in 1848.

Originally the dairy was surrounded by pasture in which cattle would have grazed & produced milk.

In those days, when there was only a shack selling fish on the west side of South Street, cows and sheep roamed fields stretching from Montague Street to Ambrose Place.

The dairy received milk from local farms on a daily basis & also produced clotted cream, cream cheese and Devonshire Junket a product similar to Panna Cotta which means “cooked” cream in Italian.

Horse drawn carts were used to ensure local deliveries 3 times a day to all quarters of the town.

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