Chatsmore Farm-Goring Gap Demonstration and Photograph

Dear Members and Residents,

 Chatsmore Farm-Goring Gap Demonstration and PhotographThe Worthing Society is a member of the Pro-Gaps Group fighting to SAVEChatsmore Farm, Goring Gap which forms a natural ‘green lung’ betweenFerring and Worthing.The ‘Redetermination Appeal’ by Persimmon Homes for the housing estatewill commence on 6.2.24. In response to this our District Councillors inFerring have  announced the following:        ‘       COMMUNITY DEMONSTRATION AND PHOTOGRAPH                  ON SATURDAY 3RD FEBRUARY AT 11:50 AM                          FOR A 12.00 PHOTO !                  JUNCTION OF THE STRAND/GORING STREETThe location is 200m North West of Goring by Sea Station. I understand  anumber of elected representatives will address those gathered inanticipation of the Planning Appeal. We hope that Worthing Borough Councilwill win this case but PLEASE do attend as it will bolster the chances ofdefeating (again) the developers attempt to build 475 dwellings.Please also pass the word to others to ensure that this  peacefuldemonstration of community disquiet receives maximum local coverage andprotects our green spaces.Thank you,Susan Belton.Worthing Society Chairman.

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