Worthing Journal – January Article

The Worthing Society Committee has a programme of priorities for the New Year. We shall continue our Membership Drive by increasing our presence at the Farmers Markets and continue reaching out to the community with our series of Heritage Talks and Walks.  These can unlock Worthing’s unique social history and emphasise the importance of protecting our heritage buildings which all have a story to tell. We shall also be taking part in the 2024 Worthing Festival with our Blue Plaque Trail Walk and a talk: ‘ Jane Austen and the Worthing Connection.’ This year we hope to visit local colleges and sixth forms to interest the ‘conservationists of the future!’

We are also developing a Picture Gallery section on our Website recording past images of Worthing and  working on a new talk called ‘Pioneers of Worthing’  from  Princess Amelia’s visit in 1798 onwards.

Our Heritage Team continue our core work by commenting on planning applications affecting the town’s Listed Buildings,  Conservation Areas and green infrastructure. I am pleased to tell you that as Planning Consultees we can give ‘heritage a voice’ in future plans.

We welcome new members of all ages. By Increasing our membership we increase our influence in the town.

Sue Belton Worthing Society Chair



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