Worthing Journal – November Article

The Worthing Society Committee and members are deeply alarmed at the speed with which the present Council regime  appear to be  intending  to dismantle and diminish the role of the Mayor.

Some changes have already taken place concerning the dress code which has heightened concerns. The Mayoral  robes, which  are  part of Worthing’s heritage giving  a sense of occasion and continuity,  will no longer be worn. The position  of Honorary Aldermen, the reward for service will be abandoned.

The Society had the honour of being one of the Mayoral Charites in 2021/22 and the support we received helped to promote our conservation work and Blue Plaque Trail  The Mayor’s role  is very important in highlighting the value of our local community groups and charities, generating a feeling of inclusivity.  The Mayor is  also  an important ambassador for Worthing and representative on civic occasions. The role embodies a visual representation of our social history and tradition.

There is considerable speculation about what is intended by the Council going forward. I have written to the Council Leader, Dr Rebecca Cooper suggesting these changes are paused until a dedicated Public Consultation can be held giving the people of Worthing  the opportunity to comment on what are significant changes.

If you feel strongly about this issue we suggest you contact your Local Councillor.  You can do this by going online and trying in ‘Who Is my councillor?’ – Just put in your postcode or telephone Worthing Council on 01903 239999

Sue Belton, Worthing Society Chair. www.worthingsociety.org.uk

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