July Planning News

  1. CHATSMORE FARM/GORING GAP NORTH: We are delighted that the Appeal Court dismissed the Appeal by Persimmon to build 475 dwellings on Chatsmore Farm. This was a long but worthwhile Campaign and we thank our associate groups and members for their support.
  2. MONTAGUE PLACE: The Society has responded to the next stage of the Consultation for permanent improvements to this historic town centre area. We are pleased to note there are more trees and greening included in the design as per our suggestions, but we would prefer a central garden rather than pathways. More details are needed plus clarity on design for the ‘Woolworth Wall’. We will contribute to the next stage of the consultation.
  3. MONTAGUE QUARTER: We objected to the original scheme to increase the height by 4 storeys. This would have been very oppressive, overshadowing the Desert Quartet. The revised plans for 3 storeys are an improvement and do not affect the statues but the overall effect at the northern end is overbearing, harming the character of the Conservation area.
  4. BEACH SHELTER – WEST PARADE: We have objected to the demolition of the shelter (which is on the Local Heritage List) and plans to erect a large two-storey building on the beach for two restaurants. This will harm the coastal views from the conservation area, setting an unwelcome precedent.
  5. PLANNING MATTERS: I am very pleased to advise you that Worthing Borough Council have awarded the Society the status of ‘Planning Consultees’ which means we can give a real “voice” to heritage issues. Our dedicated Heritage Team review the Weekly Planning Lists for applications affecting our Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas. So far this year, we have responded to 38 Planning Consultations which can include the larger schemes such as Debenhams or the Montague Quarter. I also regularly attend evening planning meetings to give the Society’s objections or views on certain applications. A great deal of our time, therefore, is spent on our core issues ‘conserving and protecting our heritage’.
  6. WORTHING DEVELOPMENT FORUM 20.7.23: We are also pleased to have been invited to attend this event together with Planning Officers, a local Developer and members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss how we balance changes to protect our conservation areas and heritage buildings in the planning process.

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