Worthing Journal Article – July 23

Our Heritage Team  have been closely monitoring  and commenting on Planning Applications  affecting  our unique conservation areas. We contributed to the February Consultation for permanent regeneration of Montague Place. The Society commissioned an illustrative design   showing the re-introduction of trees for the central section reflecting the original historic garden layout. The Council have a further Consultation on the new proposals where trees are featured –  early indications are that we are being listened to.

Revised plans to increase the height of the Montague Quarter by three storeys instead of four were approved. We consider our objection to the earlier plans produced an improved design although  in our view the scheme will be overly dominant  resulting in  some harm to the conservation area.

Challenges obviously remain but I am pleased to report  the Society has been invited to attend the Worthing Development Forum this month to discuss representing heritage in the planning process . By having a voice at the Forum  we hope to emphasise the importance of our historic areas and  the need for high quality design to avoid the planning mistakes of the past

We welcome new members of all ages. By increasing our membership we strengthen our influence in the town.

Sue Belton

Worthing Society Chair at www.worthingsociety.org.uk

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