March Planning News

We have commented on several planning applications in recent weeks. Here is a selection.

14/3/23 AWDM /0180/23 The Victoria Grand, Mill Road – Broadly Supportive (Demolish existing conservatory and construction of single storey extension).

4/3/23 AWDM/0156/23. Rebuild Flint Wall, Manor Road – Supportive.

6/3/23 AWDM/1119/22. Demolition of Air Training Corps, Victoria Road. 3 Storey Build – Objection.  Out of Scale, appearance out of context.

4/3/23 AWDM/1491/22. Salvington Mill extension.  Supportive

3/3/23. Comments on the Revised Nationl Planning Policy Framework

1/3/23 AWDM/1624/22 The Montague Centre, Liverpool Road.  Application for up to maximum of 4 additional floors to the Montague Quarter Shopping Centre (50 residential units).  Conservation Area – Strong Objection: Too large, oppressive and over dominant.  Harmful to the setting of the listed buildings in Liverpool Terrace.  Would seriously undermine the existing architectural style.


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