The Worthing Society Committee  and members were honoured to dedicate a Blue Plaque in recognition of Ethel Methold, MBE, a pioneer in health and social care.  For twenty years Ethel Methold was  the Secretary of Worthing Council of Social Services, a voluntary  organisation  that had been established in the town in 1933 to offer social car and health care support  during the inter-war years. This was  during an era that had no Welfare State or National Health Service. The appointment of Ethel Methold as Secretary  gave the  WCSS purpose and direction. Although the Secretary’s role was a voluntary role, Ethel Methold was effectively what we would now call a Chief Executive and it was she who gave the organisation purpose and direction.

The event in her honour took place on Thursday 20th September at 11 Liverpool Terrace , the original location of the Worthing Council of Social Services (WSCSS) now known as the important  Charity, Guld Care which carries on the legacy of  much needed social care.

This important occasion was attended by the Mayor of Worthing, Councillor Henna Ferdousi Chowdhury, the Chair of Worthing Guild Care, Mr Alex Brooks-Johnson and the Historian, Chris Hare. All gave an address about the significance of Ethel Methold’s achievements.

We would like to express our thanks to the owners of 11 Liverpool Terrace,  M Mark Bishop and Doctor Sara Bishop, as well as to Mrs and to Worthing Borough Council for their invaluable  support. The Worthing Society Blue Plaque Trail is we feel important in highlighting the social history of our town in a modern and visual way.

Susan Belton

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