Worthing Journal Article April 2022

The Worthing Society Committee extends thanks all our members and readers for their loyal support throughout this lock down period. I am pleased to say we have weathered this difficult time and will be continuing to work hard to represent the value of our built heritage in the planning process.

During these unprecedented times we also donated a Blue Plaque to honour Carl Adolf Seebold founder of the Dome Cinema. Our Blue Plaque Trail highlights the architectural and social history of Worthing helping to stimulate the local economy. The Society was also honoured to be chosen as one of the Mayoral Charities and will be taking part in various fundraising events. Next year I am planning a Membership Drive to increase our representation in the town. Providing Government restrictions permit we shall continue our heritage talks to local community groups to show the importance of protecting the unique character of Worthing.

Our next vital challenge will be the Appeal on 18.1.22 by the developer Persimmon against the refusal to allow 475 dwellings on Chatsmore Farm /Goring Gap. I will be speaking in defence of this historic open space, which is part of our environmental legacy to future generations. Covid 19 has shown the importance of our green infrastructure, part of our heritage.

Sue Belton, Worthing Society Chair

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